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What is a podiatrist?

A Podiatrist is a medical profession independent of all other healthcare professionals dedicated to the diagnoses, treatment and management of the human foot and lower limb pathologies. Aisling is a highly skilled podiatrist who has undertaken extensive training in specialising and dealing with abnormalities of the foot and leg.

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about Aisling

HSE Trained Podiatrist

Aisling is a Podiatry graduate of the National University of Ireland, Galway. During her time spent here Aisling attained 1000 clinical hours working as part of the HSE student training facility in Merlin Park Hospital. Here Aisling excelled at general foot care to advance to high risk care of foot and leg ulcerations and biomechanical pathologies of the lower limb. Aisling now continues to work as part of the team in Merlin Park supervising current Podiatric undergraduates.

Podiatry Ambassador

As part of her studies, Aisling was nominated by her peers to act as class representative for the final years of her degree. In her last year she received the University Scholarship award to undertake a clinical preceptorship in the first ever school of Podiatric Medicine established in New York.

Clinical Biomechanics

Aisling takes a particular interest in human movement and the forces acting on the body. Since graduating she has obtained a post graduate certificate in Human Biomechanics and is currently working towards achieving her diploma in this field.

About Our clinIc

A brand new clinic located within Mullingar’s prestigious Health Centre 

Our Services

• Podiatric Acupuncture and Dry Needling

• Diabetic Neuroligical and Vascular Screening

• Open Wound Debridement, Dressing and Healing

• Biomecahnical/Gait Assessment

• Orthotic Device Prescription

• Surgical Partial and Total Nail Avulsion 

• Verrucae Removal

• Management of Paediatric Foot Complications

• Treatment of Overuse and Sports Injuries 

• Orthopaedic Footwear

• Routine Care- Corn and Callus Removal


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Routine Foot Care


Nails Cut and Filed

Electronic Reduction of Thickened Nails

Hard Skin Removal

Corn Removal

Footwear Advice

General Foot Care Advice


Diabetes care


Diabetic Neurological and Vascular Assessment

Diabetic Wound Healing

Diabetic Footwear and Orthotic Prescription Advice

General Diabetic Footcare Advice


Biomechanical Assessment:


Video Gait Analysis

Appropriate Assessment  Depending on the Pathology 

Individualized Treatment Plan

Custom Orthotic Prescription

Footwear Advice


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