After a biomechanical assessment, Aisling will decide if a medical orthotic device is needed as part of your treatment plan.  An orthotic is a device placed inside the shoe which alter the forces going through the lower limbs to offload stresses and provide pain relief.

There are a huge number of orthotic devices available. Depending on the issue Aisling will decide which device is the best one for you. Aisling is currently studying her post graduate degree in this area, she uses the most current research evidence base to make you the correct device.

Often as part of her management plan Aisling will try out a ‘stock’ or ‘off the shelf’ device. Modifications can be made to this device until it is right. If this device is providing relief then Aisling can make a mould of the foot and create a device that is custom made and specifically designed for your individuals needs that will last up to five years. 



During these consultations Aisling will also check your medical history and medication and offer advice on how systemic complications maybe affect your foot and leg health. The above issues are ones which reoccur and require a regular visit to a Podiatrist. 

After your first visit we will be able to tell you when it may be necessary to make a return appointment.